Курси Українознавства імені Івана Франка https://acrobat.com/app.html#d=RruWw0SNoinmj9XPTUUBtA

Створюючи сей блог, Курси Українознавства імені Івана Франка відкривають нову сторінку своєї історії.


The Ivan Franko School of Ukrainian Studies (Kursy Ukrainiznavstva) was started in Edmonton in September 1956. It was names after the poet considered Ukraine’s second greatest.

The aim of Kursy is to give Ukrainian-speaking youth a deeper knowledge of the Ukrainian language, literature, history, geography, culture and music, so that this will increase their Ukrainian identity and pride.

From 1983 to date, school is located at the St. John’s Orthodox Cathedral auditorium. The curriculum divided into 4 school years. Classes are held on Saturday morning from 9:00-12:00.

Kursy is an accredited Alberta Private school since 1959, granting high school credits for Ukrainian Language Arts 10, 20, 30. Many certified Alberta teachers and principals have been and are on staff. Our school is run by a non-profit community organization which is called The Society of Ukrainian Studies of Alberta.

Students are always supplemented their studies with cultural activities in the school and in the community. Since 2001, the graduating classes visit Ukraine during spring break.

The school’s current student’s population is of 49 students. The 515 graduates to date from Kursy are upstanding and influential Canadian citizens, professionals, business and trades people.
We are members of IHLA since 2004. You can find out more about our school program by contacting principal, Liliya Sukhy, at 780-476-7529 or e-mailing to lsukhy@hotmail.com.


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